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Multi-level Data Visualization: From Global to Local Data Properties

Select a data set below for a multi-level data visualization that leverages both local and global data properties, as well as additional features and tools including:
  • interactive data visualizations,
  • global data statistics,
  • local data stats & features, and
  • interactive visualizations of the important data distributions.

Note: Data may also be sorted by the statistics.
Data NameNNum. AttributesNum. MissingBinaryCategoricalContinuousSizeDownload
  3D spatial network00000020 MB   Download
  Arabic Digit Test8706313000139 MB   Download
  Arabic Digit Train00000024 MB   Download
  CASP457311000193 MB   Download
  CNAE 9108185707599802 MB   Download
  CommViolPredUnnormalizedData221514744570051961 MB   Download
  ConfLongDemo JSI00000021 MB   Download
  EEG Eye State1498116010142 MB   Download
  Faults3410010497 B   Download
  Faults3410010291 KB   Download
  JapaneseVowels mld ae test56871200012640 KB   Download
  JapaneseVowels mld ae train42741200012481 KB   Download
  JapaneseVowels mld size ae test19000027 B   Download
  JapaneseVowels mld size ae train19000027 B   Download
  MiniBooNE PID00000087 MB   Download
  SkillCraft1 Dataset3396201680812489 KB   Download
  Skin NonSkin245057401303 MB   Download
  StoneFlakes801741653 KB   Download
  Test Arabic Digit8706313000139 MB   Download
  Train Arabic Digit00000027 MB   Download
  abalone417890027187 KB   Download
  acute inflammations121807105 KB   Download
  adult test1628215220321302 MB   Download
  adult3256215426221303 MB   Download
  airfoil self noise15046001557 KB   Download
  amazon commerce reviews00000029 MB   Download
  amzn anon access samples history 200000041 MB   Download
  amzn anon access samples00000041 MB   Download
  annealing anneal test1003924576211210 KB   Download
  annealing anneal7983919666724878 KB   Download
  audiology277126224815 KB   Download
  audiology2771262248138 KB   Download
  australian69115058228 KB   Download
  auto mpg3999604621 KB   Download
  autos imports 852062659415726 KB   Download
  balance scale626500506 KB   Download
  balloons77505002 KB   Download
  biodeg105642042117151 KB   Download
  breast cancer wisconsin7001116110020 KB   Download
  breast cancer wisconsin wdbc5703201130122 KB   Download
  breast cancer wisconsin wpbc199354133144 KB   Download
  car17297007051 KB   Download
  cmc147410037030 KB   Download
  coil mld analysis200180041429 KB   Download
  coil mld eval14011003812 KB   Download
  communities199512839202012801 MB   Download
  covtype00000072 MB   Download
  cpu performance machine21010001009 KB   Download
  credit screening crx691166759232 KB   Download
  cylinder bands bands5414099912712101 KB   Download
  data banknote authentication13725010444 KB   Download
  eb45785500323 MB   Download
  event detection CalIt21008040130218 KB   Download
  event detection CalIt210080401301 KB   Download
  event detection Dodgers5040020020840 KB   Download
  event detection Dodgers50400200204 KB   Download
  fertility Diagnosis1001004333 KB   Download
  flags1953001317015 KB   Download
  forest fires51813005825 KB   Download
  german numeric10007103832296 KB   Download
  german1000210417078 KB   Download
  glass21512001010 KB   Download
  haberman307401303 KB   Download
  hayes roth test2850050280 B   Download
  hayes roth133600602 KB   Download
  heart disease processed304146311018 KB   Download
  heart disease processed304146311010 KB   Download
  heart disease processed30414631104 KB   Download
  heart disease processed30414631107 KB   Download
  heart disease reprocessed295140113011 KB   Download
  hill valley Hill Valley with noise Testing607101010100410 KB   Download
  hill valley Hill Valley with noise Training607101010100407 KB   Download
  hill valley Hill Valley without noise Testing607101010100705 KB   Download
  hill valley Hill Valley without noise Training607101010100705 KB   Download
  horse colic test682831851856 KB   Download
  horse colic300281599419525 KB   Download
  housing507140111241 KB   Download
  image segmentation test21012000218337 KB   Download
  image segmentation211200121734 KB   Download
  internet ads ad00000010 MB   Download
  ionosphere351350233075 KB   Download
  iris bezdekIris151500145 KB   Download
  king rook vs king pawn kr vs kp31963703610240 KB   Download
  king rook vs king krkopt2805770070519 KB   Download
  lenses2560330416 B   Download
  letter recognition200021700170696 KB   Download
  magic04190211101191 MB   Download
  meta data52822502171467 KB   Download
  mfeat fac20005670159032 MB   Download
  mfeat fou20001510001512 MB   Download
  mfeat kar20002850002972 MB   Download
  mfeat mor20002100022168 KB   Download
  mfeat pix2000479002402391 MB   Download
  mfeat zer200047000471 MB   Download
  monks problems monks 1 test4338035010 KB   Download
  monks problems monks 1 train125803503 KB   Download
  monks problems monks 2 test4338035010 KB   Download
  monks problems monks 2 train170803504 KB   Download
  monks problems monks 3 test4338035010 KB   Download
  monks problems monks 3 train123803503 KB   Download
  movement libras3609100190250 KB   Download
  movement libras 145910019031 KB   Download
  movement libras 102709100190188 KB   Download
  movement libras 590910019063 KB   Download
  movement libras 8135910019094 KB   Download
  movement libras 945910019031 KB   Download
  mushroom agaricus lepiota81252324806170365 KB   Download
  nursery12961901801 MB   Download
  optdigits test17976503620259 KB   Download
  optdigits train38236503620550 KB   Download
  ozone eighthr253574149371766800 KB   Download
  ozone onehr253774149381766800 KB   Download
  pendigits test34981800210170 KB   Download
  pendigits train74941700220364 KB   Download
  pima indians diabetes7689016223 KB   Download
  plants3478116016902 MB   Download
  plrx182130101236 KB   Download
  poker hand testing00000022 MB   Download
  poker hand training250101100110599 KB   Download
  poker hand250111100110575 KB   Download
  pop failures5412101218184 KB   Download
  postoperative patient data91932705 KB   Download
  postoperative patient data post operative90932704 KB   Download
  satimage sat test20003700370231 KB   Download
  satimage sat44353700370514 KB   Download
  secom15675904190761314535 MB   Download
  secom156759041907613145340 KB   Download
  seeds dataset210800199 KB   Download
  segment23112000218360 KB   Download
  seismic bumps25851904150125 KB   Download
  semeion15942660266003 MB   Download
  sensor readings 2545630012147 KB   Download
  sensor readings 2454562500124850 KB   Download
  sensor readings 4545650014211 KB   Download
  servo168500413 KB   Download
  shuttle landing control1670250264 B   Download
  shuttle test145011000100375 KB   Download
  shuttle train4350110001001 MB   Download
  slump test1041100745 KB   Download
  solar flare106613049027 KB   Download
  solar flare13231307608 KB   Download
  sonar208610106086 KB   Download
  soybean large test3763616251620032 KB   Download
  soybean large307367121719026 KB   Download
  space shuttle o ring erosion or blowby2370160322 B   Download
  space shuttle o ring erosion2370160322 B   Download
  spambase46015801849682 KB   Download
  spect SPECT test18723023008 KB   Download
  spect SPECT train8023023004 KB   Download
  spect SPECTF test187450144024 KB   Download
  spect SPECTF train80450144010 KB   Download
  sponge7646221236036 KB   Download
  synthetic control mld6006603096282 KB   Download
  tae152602402 KB   Download
  telemonitoring parkinsons updrs58762201219890 KB   Download
  thyroid disease allhyper test972311502196682 KB   Download
  thyroid disease allhyper28003145552074235 KB   Download
  thyroid disease allhypo test972311502196682 KB   Download
  thyroid disease allhypo28003145552074237 KB   Download
  thyroid disease allrep test972311502196682 KB   Download
  thyroid disease allrep28003145552074235 KB   Download
  thyroid disease ann test34282201426229 KB   Download
  thyroid disease ann train37722201516251 KB   Download
  thyroid disease dis test972311502205682 KB   Download
  thyroid disease dis28003145552164235 KB   Download
  thyroid disease hypothyroid31632653281952214 KB   Download
  thyroid disease new thyroid215600245 KB   Download
  thyroid disease sick euthyroid31632653271952215 KB   Download
  thyroid disease sick test972311502205681 KB   Download
  thyroid disease sick28003145552164234 KB   Download
  thyroid disease thyroid0387917230146242155754 KB   Download
  tic mld tic data200058228606800983 KB   Download
  tic mld tic eval200040008509760667 KB   Download
  tic mld tic tgts20004000101008 KB   Download
  tic tac toe95810019025 KB   Download
  trains transformed1034092601 KB   Download
  vehicle xaa9419001906 KB   Download
  vehicle xab9419001906 KB   Download
  vehicle xac9419001906 KB   Download
  vehicle xad9419001906 KB   Download
  vehicle xae9419001906 KB   Download
  vehicle xaf9419001906 KB   Download
  vehicle xag9419001906 KB   Download
  vehicle xah9419001906 KB   Download
  vehicle xai9419001906 KB   Download
  voting records house votes 8443517391170018 KB   Download
  vowel context990150231072 KB   Download
  water treatment527395840172290 KB   Download
  wearable sensors402515902451122 MB   Download
  wearable computing weight lifting exer402515902451122 MB   Download
  wholesale customers4428008015 KB   Download
  wine quality4899120039258 KB   Download
  wine180140031111 KB   Download
  yacht hydrodynamics940121292 B   Download
  yacht hydrodynamics94012111 KB   Download
  zoo10218015304 KB   Download

Acknowledgement & Citation Policy

Please acknowledge the repository in published materials

If you publish material based on data obtained from this repository, then, in your acknowledgements, please note the assistance you received by using this repository.

Please use the following BiBTeX reference:

      title={Misc. data Collection - NetworkRepository},
      author={Ryan A. Rossi and Nesreen K. Ahmed},

     title={The Network Data Repository with Interactive Graph Analytics and Visualization},
     author={Ryan A. Rossi and Nesreen K. Ahmed},
     booktitle={Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence},

A few of the datasets have additional citation requests; these can be found at the bottom of each dataset page.
Note that if you transform/preprocess any data obtained from NetworkRepository for your own research, we ask that you please share the data by uploading it along with details on the transformation and reference to any published materials.

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