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Notes for donating data

  • Data should be formatted such that each row represents a data point (or data instance/subject) and the columns are the attributes.
  • Note for best performance and turn-around-time upload data as a comma-delimited (cvs) file and/or a compressed ZIP file (if at all possible).
  • Attribute names can be placed on the first row in the data file.
  • Compressed files should always include a description of the dataset, appropriate reference/citation, and any other relevant information.
  • Datasets that are donated are automatically processed and may appear on the site within a few minutes or a few days depending on the format, its size, and other factors.
  • In the readme, please provide the reference for the data, and also include your name, email, affiliation.
  • Also include any information relating to how the data was collected and other relevant information.
Information about the data
Data name
Note: this should match the filename of the data set uploaded
Suggest a collection for the data

Important: type is used for categorization of the data (into collections)

Attribute metadata
Note: select all that apply.

Description, citation and other information
Note: patents, news articles, and any other media.
Note: Please include the bibtex (if any) in the field below.